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As a Registered Complimentary Practitioner with decades of experience I regularly treat patients with homeopathic remedies and essential oils to ease their progression through illness. Whether it be stress related, a common cold or managing the effects that cancer treatment can have on the body and mind.

Homeopathy is safe and effective for all ages. As a homeopath it is my job to look beyond the name of the disease and focus on how the presenting symptoms are affecting the whole of the body, emotionally as well as physically, to reinstate and maintain optimum health.

Aromatherapy is a natural healing are using essential oils extracted from plants to tone and regulate the body while easing the mind and spirit. The effect can be relaxing, stimulating or refreshing depending on the blend selected. Most people think of aromatherapy as massage, but the oils are also very effective in the form of inhalation, bath oil or cream preparations.

All true essential oils have specific properties and it is very important that they are prepared or recommended by a qualified practitioner.  Although oils can be purchased readily over the counter, the synergistic blends that a qualified aromatherapist can create specifically for you are the ones that will be most beneficial in treating your symptoms.

Therapeutic Massage . The aim of massage is to correct negative factors such as congestion and tension, improving the circulation and assisting the body in speeding up the elimination of waste produce so that toxins do not have a chance to reach harmful levels in the liver, kidney or bowel.  During massage endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers and happy pills all rolled into one) are released into the blood stream, which allows us to relax mentally and physically.

During therapeutic massage specific trigger points are worked on,  essential oils or homeopathic remedies can be added to the carrier oils if indicated during the consultation.  I am trained in all aspects of therapeutic massage ranging from Massage In Pregnancy and Baby Massage through to Palliative Care.

As an experienced IAIM Baby Massage Instructor I am passionate about teaching Mums this amazing skill.  You will be shown specially designed massage routine which have been proven to enhance the bonding process.  Assist in aiding sleep and digestion.  Encourage the development of muscle tone and co-ordination and help strengthen the immune system.

The specifically designed tummy routine will ease the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation.


PALLIATIVE CARE massage is best carried out on the hands or the feet of your loved one.  Carefully selected essential oils can be added to the carrier oil,  if permitted by their doctors.  This gentle but effective routine can ease tension,stress and pain.  If the individuals Care Plan permits I am happy to teach this routine to enhance your visits and bring an extra bond to the time you have together.

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