Chocolate, Chicks and Celebrations

This month heralds Spring, St Georges Day, the Boat Race, the London Marathon and of course Easter.

Although it is obviously an important religious festival for many, to others it’s an excuse to buy and eat chocolate in copious amounts. For me this is not the case as I am allergic to this delicious treat.

However there is nothing that I love more than hosting or being invited to a gathering of family and friends. Although for my family April has over the years been a month of tears it has also been an excuse for family celebration, as it is the month of my eldest sons birthday. Long gone are the days of party bags and bouncy castles. Sadly adult lives with work commitments often get in the way of birthday get togethers. But the long Easter break generally sees one day when we can fit in a get together with a majority of loved ones, so once again we are busy trying to make this happen.

I wish you all a very happy April, enjoying the wonders of nature as Spring does its best to
Cheer us up. May you too have days of joy, sharing time, laughter and love, making magic memories with people you care about.

I truly hope the government get their act together so they are not monopolising the media and conversation for all the wrong reasons. Their lack of decision making is having an adverse effect on so many areas of everyday life for their constituents it needs to be resolved. So we can all move on in a more positive state of mind.

When your chocolate stash is empty and the kids are back at school.
When the house no longer looks a tip and your shopping trollies full.
Don’t worry about your aging skin, or that your clothes are feeling tight
Wear elasticated trousers and sit in a flattering light
Do whatever lifts your spirits, or summons up a smile,
Whatever makes you happy, if even for a while.
Take time out for a cup of tea, or coffee would be fine.
But if its still the morning, you best lay off the wine.


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